Empowered Women

empowered women

In Africa, very many women’s lives are scarred with disease, domestic violence, and illiteracy. With all these scars, they are abandoned and left with no dignity and voice at all. Despite all that, they still have to toil doing hard labor yet show no pain at all amidst the struggle of trying to fend for their families all because they love them so much.

Together we are making a difference in these ladies lives through discipleship, empowering them with the tools they need to extend tangible love to their families through equipping them with the needed tools to sustain their children.

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We know that every vulnerable woman needs to feel loved; we also know that a woman can never abandon her children if she has the capacity of taking care of them. During our walks of taking care of vulnerable children, we realized that very many women abandon their children not because they don’t love them but because they don’t have control over their situation. Because of this, we embrace them by giving their children a hope for a better future through education and provision of all the scholastic materials, emergency medical support and clothing they need. All this we provide for some time,while we work with the mothers to get a more reliable solution


We partner with the women in our communities to find sustainable solutions to their basic needs. While doing this, we equip them in skills training like bead work, baking, tailoring and entreprenual business skills which help them to earn a living.

By equipping these women, it is evident that their families become healthier, more children go to school, agricultural  productivity increases, poverty is alleviated and communities become more resilient.


When the mothers in our communities complete the training and have acquired all the necessary skills to help them earn a living, we extend to them some startup capital loans to set up small businesses to sustain their families.