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Sponsor a child

Be a catalyst for change in the life of a Ugandan child by offering the gift of sponsorship. Your tax deductible sponsorship gift will directly help transform the life of a child by providing an education and spiritual leadership, and facilitating their physical, social and emotional needs. The children rely on the generosity of their sponsors.

Sanyuka has established a “pooled” sponsorship program for the children of Sanyuka. Having studied numerous sponsorship programs, Sanyuka recognizes the value, in some cases, of long-term and stable cross-cultural sponsorships that can provide meaningful encouragement for both the children and sponsors. The sponsorship program is carefully managed and controlled to ensure the well-being of each individual child entrusted to Sanyuka. All communications to and from your sponsored child are coordinated by the Sanyuka sponsorship team for consistency with Sanyuka’s Child Protection Policy.

Please select the child you would like to help become fully sponsored. You are encouraged to also be an advocate by informing others to help sponsor a child so that together we can transform as many lives as possible.

Be an Ambassador

Join our team of ambassadors who pray, raise awareness and fundraise for the children in need of sponsorship and the special projects at Sanyuka.

Host the Sanyuka Children’s Choir

Some of our Sanyuka children will be on an awareness musical tour in the US, telling their stories of transformation while also acting as ambassadors to the many other children that need to be reached. You can choose to become their platform by hosting the choir for your church, school, or local community event.